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T.J. Bearytales T.J. Bearytales T.J. Bearytales T.J. Bearytales T.J. Bearytales T.J. Bearytales

T.J. Bearytales T.J. Bearytales
    To Download Instruction Manuals Click On The Images. These files are large. They are Free. These files are as clean as I can make them, they all work for me, you download at your own risk. No Warranties Express or Implied. It is suggested that you do not Open The files in your browser window. Right Click on your mouse button and "Save Target" or "Save Link" to your computer. The file will or should start downloading/or ask you where to download to, and give you a window. All browsers will not work the same.
    Detailed specific information for this Robot is contained in the Instruction Manual and is available on this site. This can also apply to the same model of manufactured robots, for later releases can vary with the robots. I suggest that you download the manuals for specific information.

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