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Maxx Steele Wrecker Sentinel S.O.T.A. Blazer Coptor Hun-dred Enemy Vulgar Cruel
Tiltor Ripper Opticon Pundor Fangar Arsenal            

Maxx Steele Roboforce
Maxx Steele 'The Leader' 48122
Maxx Steele Roboforce
Wrecker 'The Demolisher' 48123
Maxx Steele Roboforce
Sentinel 'The Protector' 48127
Maxx Steele Roboforce
S.O.T.A. 'The Creator' 48126
Maxx Steele Roboforce
Blazer 'The Ignitor' 48124

Maxx Steele Roboforce
Coptor 'The Enforcer' 48125
Maxx Steele Roboforce
Tiltor 'The Changer' Note # 1
Maxx Steele Roboforce
Ripper - Anti-Robot - Note # 1
Maxx Steele Roboforce
Opticon -The Interceptor - Note # 1
Good Guys:
Maxx Steele: the Leader Robot
Blazer: The Ignitor Robot
Coptor: The Enforcer Robot
Sentinel: The Protector Robot
Wrecker: The Demolisher Robot
Sota: The Creator Robot
Ripper :The Anti-Robot
Opticon:The Interceptor
Tiltor: The Changer

Note # 1: These Robo Force models were not released to the general public.

Robo Force was a toy line created by the Ideal Toy Company in the mid 1980s. (1984)

The toy line featured robot action figures with suction cup bases and "crusher arm" action. In addition each figure, also included another gimic or two such as a hook or extendable guns.

Several Maxx Steele items were made, everything from small Books, Roboforce Robots, Comic Books, Erector Sets and Small Crusers shown below.

It included Toys, Playsets, Erector Sets, Pillow Cases, Bed Sheets, Bed Spreads, Tablecloths, Caps, Clocks, Books, Comic Books, Games, Lunch Boxes,

Telephones, Buttons, Sticker Decals, ID Card, and Fan Clubs around a real Personal Maxx Steele Robot. ( See Maxx Steele Educational and Personal Robots on this web site.)

Maxx Steele Roboforce
Hun-dred 'The Conqueror' 48128
Maxx Steele Roboforce
Enemy 'The Dictator' 48130
Maxx Steele Roboforce
Vulgar 'The Destroyer' 48131
Maxx Steele Roboforce
Cruel 'The Detonator' 48129

Maxx Steele Roboforce
Arsenal -The Devastator - Note # 1
Maxx Steele Roboforce
Pundor -The Pulverisor - Note # 1
Maxx Steele Roboforce
Fangar -The Conspirator - Note # 1
  Bad Guys:
Hun-Dred: The Conqueror Robot (He is referred to as the leader of the enemys, not Enemy.)
Enemy: The Dictator Robot
Cruel: The Detonator Robot
Vulgar: The Destroyer Robot
Arsenal: The Devastator
Fangar: The Conspirator
Pundor: The Pulverisor

Note # 1: These Robo Force models were not released to the general public.

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Source: My Collection, Private Hobbyist Collection - Updated 10-14-2017